BASF Chemical - Senergy Wall Systems

Requirement: Need to create a customer marketing tool to increase sales by allowing the end user a simple, easy to use interface to do complex engineering and competitive product comparison.

Solution: Easy and Simple Marketing / Sales / Engineering Module to allow user to engineer and select products without prior computer or engineering knowledge and compare the Senergy product line with competitive products and processes.

Senergy branded wall systems from BASF (NYSE: BF) help to cool buildings efficiently in warm climates. At the same time, they give to them an attractive surface. The Senergy systems we applied at the "Atlantis" hotels in the Bahamas as well as in Dubai.

While the product is quite effective and energy efficient, it is perceived as being considerably more expensive than other wall treatments such as brick, siding and stucco and it also requires a series of fairly complex engineering computations to estimate the product needed for a typical application.

The need for a super simple and easy to use marketing / sales / engineering module for end users was obvious. BASF also needed branding of the product along with product awareness.

The following screen shots are examples of the power of the marketing / sales / engineering / inventory module that we developed.

The opening screen on this marketing / sales / engineering / inventory module, like all subsequent screens is branded with the Senergy BASF logo and Senergy BASF product pictures. The system was capable of being tied to the corporate database for both product availability, pricing as well local zip code cost for energy and competitive product comparison.

The engineering, competitive comparison screens on this marketing / sales / engineering / inventory module, had the capability of being dynamically linked to pricing and product corporate databases for instant updating for engineering, pricing and new products. The module was capable of calculating all materials and costs as well as giving a regional pricing comparison based on zip code against the most commonly used competitive products for that region.

This competitive pricing was designed to allow BASF to overcome the misconception that the Senergy product was more expensive than competitive products. The engineering / estimating results also included a product representation to ingrain into the software module user the incredible quality and complexity of the Senergy product line.