Modtech Holding Company

Requirement: Needed to allow a potential client to interface with the sale person to design and specify materials, labor, subcontracting etc for one or more modular buildings.

Solution: We designed Multiple Marketing / Sales / Engineering / Estimating / Budgeting / Client Interface Modules that were simple to use and allowed the potential client to actively participate in the product selection and design of their new Modtech building.

Modtech (NYSE: MHK) is the leading national designer and manufacturer of permanent and portable buildings in California, Arizona and Florida providing off-site construction methods to allow for faster modular building construction without sacrificing architectural design. As their name implies, they select from thousands of possible combinations of "modular components" to build the final totally customized looking modular building.

This initial problem was coupled with the technological nightmare of having so many possible building modules and systems to pull from that literally no one individual in their company knew every product in their arsenal of potential building module combinations.

This screen shot shows one of the many modules that we designed to address the problem.

The following modules is just one of many that allowed their clients, sales people and engineering group to interact together to come up with a design that would satisfy their potential client's artistic and architectural requirements while staying within a reasonable budget.

The module shown was an "Estimate Recap" module that allowed the potential client to review all totally burdened "costs" associated with the potential buildings. If the resultant "costs" were too high, the client, along with the sales person, could change or eliminate items and features to bring the total "costs" into an acceptable budgetary position, all the while not allowing the potential client to see actual Modtech unburdened costs.