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The management of Pennington, Paul and Gilliam are committed to the belief that business and marketing solutions should be centered around tailored proprietary software solutions that have been designed for a completely unique service and/or product application that has been tailored specifically for their individual application and requirements. For over 25 years PPG has been working with hundreds of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium companies where we have been able to combine proprietary software and systems, coupled to standard advertising and marketing principles, to provide a solution that was completely tailored to those companies exact needs and requirements. By focusing on the specific needs and desires of our individual clients and approaching each and every application as a brand new, stand-alone project, PPG has been able to offer its customers the competitive edge that the need in this ever changing world to truly make their service and/or products totally unique.

Utilizing the Pennington, Paul and Gilliam proprietary Tumbleweed Software and Systems, PPG has been able to create an massive volume of Internet website traffic to our client’s websites, but even more importantly, PPG has created a unique process wherein we do a laser beam focus on our client’s specific requirements for their Customer’s Buying Journey where we specifically map the individual requirements around meeting the specific needs of their customer to lead to sales and conversion and not just hits to a website. We have done this through content in context and by providing custom calculators, white papers, survey etc. to generate a huge amount of awareness and education for the targeted audience about our client’s services and/or product from their potential customer’s very first exploration on the subject as they are in the consideration phase of exploration and before any decisions are made. Thus as our customer’s potential client enters the actual decision phase of their customer journey, we provide very powerful call to action triggers to not only capture the potential client’s ID for future communication and drip campaigns, but to actually lead the potential client from being a potential client to an actual conversion and a sale.

It Is Not Just About The Magnitude Of Unique Visitors, But A Clear Emphasis On The Quality Of Those Targeted Visitors

In our ever changing and fast paced world today simply having the best service and/or product simply isn’t enough to succeed. With the fact that 97% of all research is being done on the Internet today and that 57% to 80% of ALL research is done before an individual ever contacts a vendor, it is critical that companies have a solid position in the organic search on the Internet Search Engines. People want information and they want it fast.

If company websites do not provide landing pages that instantly allow the potential client to see that they have found exactly the information for which they are searching, they will simply bounce to the next website in the search engine listing of website. Pennington, Paul and Gilliam’s proprietary Tumbleweed Software and System process provides that highly precise technology coupled with proven advertising and marketing principles to deliver results that the consequence is conversions and sales and not just hits to a website.

We can promise you that when you work with Pennington, Paul and Gilliam we will help you to maximize your revenue and provide you an exciting return on investment which will ultimately result in a new profit center for your company. Because PPG so effectively targets your relevant audience searching for your services and/or product, we will deliver results; not just promises.