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Consulting / Marketing

As we stressed in our home page, in today's competitive environment, quite often you only have one opportunity to set you apart from the pack.

This is why we always take a multi faceted approach to your specific needs. This always involves proper research, design, technology analysis and communications for our efforts to succeed.

This why almost all of our marketing and business consulting solutions center around providing affordable proprietary marketing / sales software solutions designed to brand your product and company as truly unique. Affordable proprietary marketing / sales software solutions that we design in-house at a fraction of the cost that it would be if purchased from a typical technology provider.

These affordable proprietary marketing / sales software solutions are not "me too" web design or search engine optimization (SEO) only approaches, but true, proprietary software marketing / sales modules for which your company owns and controls the copyright and that are coupled with print, video, web design, SEO, news releases etc. These are solutions that are unique and totally designed specifically to your needs, requirements and desires.

We do not care if you are a service only company, a manufacturer, a retailer or a wholesaler; we can find marketing software solutions for your specific needs. Also, it does not matter what the size or budget of the company; we have affordable multi faceted marketing / sales solutions that may involve software, print, video, public relations print media, web design, SEO etc. We even have the on-staff capability of mechanical engineering solutions for design / build requirements.

A plastic surgeon may require web based software modules to prepare a client for their surgery and track specific pre-surgery and post-surgery dietary and physical activities, whereas a beauty salon may require client side marketing software modules to help their client chose and price products to create special looks that will fit into their budget.

No problem.

A large fortune 100 company may simply want some clever software marketing solution to brand their product name and create "buzz" for their company and products, or they may require a sophisticated engineering / marketing software solution tied to training videos, print, news releases, database / IT interfacing.

No problem.

In each and every no-cost, no-obligation corporate analysis we make of your exact corporate needs, we use our sophisticated proprietary software system to allow us to quickly and efficiently analyze your specific needs. We review objectives, goals budgetary limitations and timing to come up with solutions that you can afford and that will maximize your marketing / sales budget expenditure.

Our no-cost, no-obligation corporate analysis and our our sophisticated proprietary software system are designed to quickly collect pertinent information and needs to allow your management staff to have a powerful visual representation of how we plan to meet your specific needs and requirements quickly, accurately and for a fraction of the cost of most consulting / marketing firms.

All of this with a marketing / sales solution that will be as powerful technologically, as it is from a marketing / sales perspective.

And remember, as we said before, because of our proprietary software system approach to determining our client needs, along with our proprietary copyrighted modular software development process, even the smallest company can afford a Pennington Paul and Gilliam customer concentric marketing technology consulting solution.

Call today for your free, no obligation consulting session. Take control of your marketing needs today.