Union Pacific

Requirement: Provide a method that would allow the sales people to perform engineering functions and vice versa without any training or specialized abilities.

Solution: Simple and easy to use Marketing / Sales / Engineering Modules all linked to corporate database.

Union Pacific Railroad Corporation (NYSE: UNP) is one of America's leading transportation companies. Its principal operating company, Union Pacific Railroad, is North America's premier railroad franchise, covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States.

What is not known to many people is that Union Pacific does billions of dollars per year in property development for their own customers and applications, and the sale and development field personnel, most of whom are completely computer illiterate, are required quite often to develop engineering solutions "on the fly" for their marketing requirements while they are actually brainstorming with their potential client to be.

Most fail miserably. They are either good sales people and lousy engineers, or they are excellent engineers, but wanting in people skills. The following module is one of many developed for Union Pacific to allow their sales and development personnel to create engineered solutions while actually working with the potential client present.

This screen shot shows one of the many software modules that would automatically update the corporate database, actually impacting per diem rates and corporate markup structure and would instantly download the results back to the marketing / sales / engineering modules to reflect the changes to reflect in the actual quote that created the changes!

The following picture is a screen shot of just one of the many marketing / sales / engineering / estimating solutions that we developed for Union Pacific.