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Software Solutions

We personally believe that in most marketing and business consulting solutions should center around providing proprietary software solutions designed to brand your product and company as truly unique and then to be able to couple this proprietary software product with a standard marketing approach that is designed to give you the competitive edge you need to establish your company and product as the leader in your field.

Oh to be sure, software in and of itself is not the answer. A complete marketing / sales program needs to be multi faceted to provide not only the software but proper web design, search engine optimization, print, video, public relations news releases, as well as a myriad of other marketing / sales methodologies.

Also, just any old software will not work for a truly effective marketing / sales program; it requires the exact software piece of the puzzle that distinguishes your company from all the others running in the pack. It requires just the right piece of the puzzle or the program is incomplete and probably ineffective.

Usually getting just the right piece of the marketing software "puzzle" in place requires software that is designed specifically for your company and your specific needs.

Purchasing custom software is usually extremely expensive and quite often regardless how much money that you spend, the results are disappointing. This is true because 99.99 % of the time marketing companies do not understand how to program software and 99.99 % of the time software companies do not understand marketing. This is where we are totally unique; we understand both marketing and software programming and development.

We are software programming marketing specialists, and as a result, we have programmed literally thousands of applications in our years of business. Each and every time that we program a new marketing software program we do so with two things in mind. Number one, we insured that the software program that we develop first and foremost meets the need of our client. This requirement is obvious.

Number two, we insured that all programming is done in a totally modular format to keep cost down for our clients, but also, when a new software module is created, it provided an additional "arrow for our quiver" of software solutions for not only the client for whom the software was developed, but to provide a new module for future clients.

Whenever a new software module is required for a new client that is something that will be used again in the future and that was not totally specific to their needs, we do not charge that client with the programming of the module. In this case we only charge for the integration of the new module into their marketing / sales software program.

This keeps the cost low for new and existing clients and provides for additional capability for future applications.

We have provided several examples of software programs that were developed for our clients throughout the years. The Alcoa example provides a step by step detail of one of the many "custom" software programs that we developed for them.