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The World Wide Web has certainly evolved since we first started working with the web back in 1992. The web has evolved into the "Cloud", and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer complete without Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

If you are going to compete in the Cloud today you can no longer simply "sell" or "market" to individuals. You need to truly converse with them. Information and content has become king and if you fail to create conversations and think that you can simply market and sell like business that was done in the 80's and 90's you will completely miss the opportunity to reach people on the web.

Statistics show that only 14% of people trust advertisements while over 78% trust peer recommendations. This is a figure that you simply cannot overlook if you are planning to have a presence on the web / Cloud today.

You need to join the conversation. You need to be on the first page for organic search results; not pay per click. Pay per click is regarded as an advertisement and organic search is regarded as a vote for peer recommendations.

Thus, you need to be "Tweeting", "Facebooking", blogging, and creating / posting videos as much as you still need to be optimization your website for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Furthermore, what you do Off-Site for your website is actually more important than what you are doing On-Site with your website.

Quite simply, you need an SEO / SMO / SEM company that understands this and is actively working in all three areas to put you in the middle of the conversation. We call this " Web 3.0 ".

We recognize that there are hundreds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO / SMO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies in the market place today touting their wares. Regardless who you talk to, everyone seems to have their own method of SEO / SMO and SEM.

Many of these companies will tell you that they know the inside “secrets” to SEO / SMO and SEM and they will try to convince you that they have learned how to secretly manipulate the Internet and search engines.

Our corporate philosophy is simply to develop websites with dynamic, valuable content and encourage natural growth and linking. We do not believe in clever tricks to “fool” the major search engines.

Number one we do not think that we are clever enough to fool Google, Yahoo, and the other big boys. Throughout the years we have learned that these “clever tricks” that can temporarily manipulate the search engines are at best short lived, but more critically, they can get an otherwise excellent website blacklisted.

But more importantly, our efforts at search engine optimization (SEO / SMO) are geared to solid SEO / SMO principles that are not only accepted by the major search engines, but are encouraged and taught by them.

We apply our extensive knowledge in Web 3.0 traffic building principles such as article linking, community forums, directories, comments etc. to provide a campaign that is designed specifically to your company and your needs. We apply Web 3.0 principles that while they may yield some results instantly, they are designed to grow and take on an Internet life of their own, developing over weeks, months, and years.

We recognize that any good SEO / SMO program involves an extensive analysis of all-inclusive keywords, an in depth site analysis, a comprehensive review of the competition and the development of a website and SEO / SMO program coupled with a powerful technological approach, often involving proprietary marketing / sales software solutions designed to brand your product and company as truly unique.

After an effective campaign is created, the “perfect” website developed and the “ideal” SEO / SMO program is put into operation, then we test, re-test and test some more. We monitor our metrics on all of our campaigns on a daily basis and make changes on the fly to insure that our campaigns grow resultant sales; not just website visits.

SEO / SMO for the sole purpose of gaining huge numbers of visitors is a worthless exercise. Our campaign approach is designed to drive people to the website that are buyers. In each and everyone of our campaigns we are looking for are turn on investment for our clients.

Profitability is not just the name of the game as far as we are concerned; it is the game.

Once we have a successful campaign, we don’t rest on our laurels. We then continually “twitch and tweak” our campaign until the campaign is retired and some new approach is developed.

All of this is simply words if we cannot yield results. Give us a call and let us prove to you that we really can deliver. Call us toll free today at: 1-866-506-1037.