Home Depot Regional Store

Requirement: The need to create a commercial customer tool to increase sales by allowing the end user a simple, easy to use interface to select product and have them enter into a basic purchase order format that could be faxed or mailed to the local store.

Solution: A simple and easy to use Marketing / Sales / Inventory / Purchase Order Module that store personnel or customers could use without prior computer experience or module training.

Home Depot (NYSE: HD) stores have a serious problem with returns and incorrectly ordered materials. They were struggling with having a method that would track their existing inventory and provide an interface that would make it easy for someone to select the right materials and then to order exactly what they really needed. They needed a system to provide proper sizes, materials, SKU codes etc, consistently and accurately every time.

We believe that simplicity is always the best approach. After analyzing the actual need, we determined that the best marketing and goodwill approach to the problem was simply an effective purchase order creation software module that was capable of being tied to their electronic inventory "catalog" which allowed the user to select from a drop down list which in turn propagated the purchase order with exactly the right SKU numbers, prices, discounts etc each and every time. This screen shot shows the module was designed to provide an email, electronic fax or print function as well as storage of the PO for the client.